Kimtech has surprised us with faster help than we could have dreamt of

When TOVAB got new owners they made sure they chose their own approach to continued development of the company’s waterjet cutting. After a survey of the market the company selected was still Kimtech, which also had delivered existing equipment. Since then the collaboration has continued. “The whole thing has worked extremely well. Kimtech offer an extremely high level of service, and that’s what we’ve most appreciated,” says Marcus Hammarstedt, CEO and partner.

TOVAB has been carrying out waterjet-cutting assignments for 20 years, and also has extensive stocks of titanium, stainless steel, Hardox sheet metal and aluminium from internationally renowned manufacturers. Fast deliveries with the highest precision are their hallmark.

Since 2004 Marcus and Ulrika Hammarstedt have been running the company, which is located in Fränsta, in central Sweden. From there they deliver to customers throughout Europe. The relationship with Kimtech began quite quickly after the takeover when a new waterjet-cutting machine was to be bought.

“The previous owners had bought equipment from Kimtech, but as newcomers to the industry we of course wanted to check the situation ourselves. We got quotes from several manufacturers, yet stuck to Kimtech. It was then mainly the price that stood out – and the proximity of this Swedish supplier,” says Marcus Hammarstedt.

Delivers with flexibility and great expertise

After an initial successful delivery, over the years there have been more investments in equipment from Kimtech. TOVAB now has a total of five cutting machines with differing dimensions.

“What’s led to us continuing to use Kimtech for later purchases is the fact that the whole approach has worked so well. They offer an extremely high level of service, and that’s what we’ve most appreciated. And we find the relationship honest – a quality that’s very important to us. We can get straight to the point with each other,” says Marcus Hammarstedt.

The possibility of adaptations and carefully tested technology is also of the utmost importance to TOVAB.

“The specifications for our cutting machines are such that we’ve always got exactly what we wanted. That’s a big advantage of Kimtech, and their flexibility and expertise enable them to offer exactly what we’re after. If they don’t have a ready-made solution they’ll develop one,” says Marcus Hammarstedt.

Quality that can cope with the pressure

TOVAB carries out waterjet-cutting assignments using pressures of up to 6,000 bar, putting a strain on the equipment and making stringent demands of it.

“We know from experience that Kimtech’s technology for 6,000 bar works, and that gives us a feeling of security,” says Marcus Hammarstedt.
The fact that the machines run all the time, without any prolonged downtime, is one of the most important things for TOVAB. Rapid on-site support and assistance when needed are thus crucial to management of deliveries and customers’ and partners’ trust, which is a top priority for TOVAB.

“Fast support is perhaps Kimtech’s very greatest strength. On the service side, they’ve sometimes surprised us with faster help than we could have dreamt of. They’ve been able to be on site the very same day or the day after, despite the distance of four, five hours by car. This type of service is more or less invaluable,” says Marcus Hammarstedt.