High-pressure pumps – the heart of the plant

The waterjet cutting machine’s high-pressure pump acts as the vital heart of the plant. The cutting capacity in the form of processing speed and the number of nozzles that can be in simultaneous operation depends on the size of the pump – which is available in models ranging from 22 to 75 kW.

Operation for prolonged periods at a pressure of 4,100-6,000 bar requires the highest product quality – something that the Flow brand has demonstrated after long use on the Swedish market. Kimtech has thus chosen to collaborate with Flow, and we use their world-leading high-pressure pumps in our cutting-machine systems.

Our waterjet-cutting machines

  • XY-Small

    Kimtech’s smallest standard model of waterjet-cutting machine is adapted for sheets measuring 3 x 1.5 metres.

  • XY-Medium

    Our medium-size standard waterjet-cutting machine comes with a cutting head, and features the possibility of a tilter, i.e. a 5-axis cutting head.

  • XY-Large

    Our biggest standard machine accommodates up to four jets as well as 5-axis cutting, and is equipped with a linear motor drive for all axes.