Waterjet-cutting machines

Kimtech’s philosophy is to always deliver machines in line with the customer’s requirements and wishes. We have three standard machines that cover most areas of application, and we also build special fully customised machines. Our machines’ feed is powered by linear motors, providing precise positioning and vibration-free operation.

  • XY-Small

    Kimtech’s smallest standard model of waterjet-cutting machine is adapted for sheets measuring 3 x 1.5 metres.

  • XY-Medium

    Our medium-size standard waterjet-cutting machine comes with a cutting head, and features the possibility of a tilter, i.e. a 5-axis cutting head.

  • XY-Large

    Our biggest standard machine accommodates up to four jets as well as 5-axis cutting, and is equipped with a linear motor drive for all axes.

High-pressure pumps

Kimtech collaborates with Flow, a world leader in the field of high-pressure pumps. Flow’s pumps have long been proven to withstand the enormous stresses they are subjected to when cutting water.