Minimal time for machine downtime is important in all industries and extremely important in some. Fast service for our customers is thus our top priority. We have a big stock of spare parts, thus we can resolve problems without unnecessary waiting times so that your production can continue without any problems.

Quickly on site for minimal production downtime

We have served our customers in the manufacturing industry for decades, and know that production downtime can at worst cost millions – every hour. The maximum availability on the service side is thus one of our most important strengths.

Our policy is to minimise downtime for our customers. We therefore provide free telephone support, and if the problem persists a service technician can be on site within 24 hours.

We will respond when you call, and in consultation with you we will plan as effective a solution as possible to the situation that has arisen. Kimtech’s staff are very knowledgeable about the equipment, which we have designed from scratch and serviced many times before. We also collaborate with extremely skilled servicing staff throughout the country, so we can be on site as soon as possible when the situation so requires.

Short response times, fast call-outs, accurate solutions and clear communication. That’s what our customers most appreciate in us, and that’s the way we want to continue.

Spare parts, complete stock

Kimtech also has a complete stock of spare parts for machines, high-pressure pumps and peripherals, which also contributes towards minimising downtimes for our customers. Orders placed before 3pm are shipped on the same day. For customers in Sweden this means that they will receive the spare parts the next day. Delivery times in the rest of Europe vary depending on the shipping method, but are normally two days.

Kimtech also has a complete service database of machines delivered.

Training is included in the purchase

As a new customer you have the option of receiving machine and CAD/CAM training on our premises. Training, including servicing of high-pressure pumps and cutting heads, is included in all machine purchases. This service can also be performed by Kimtech’s service technicians by signing a service contract.