Norsk Vannskjæring is growing – providing tailor-made solutions and reliable service

Fast deliveries are Norsk Vannskjæring’s prime feature, and this calls for fast service from the machine supplier. The spare parts from Kimtech in Sweden have sometimes reached the airport in Norway in less time than it has taken Norsk Vannskjæring’s employees to drive there. “You’ve got to admit that’s good service,” says the CEO Lars Krogsund.

Norsk Vannskjæring is Norway’s biggest company for clean waterjet cutting. At the plant in Sande, just south of Oslo, they cut all types of metal, stone and glass for delivery to customers throughout the country. The industrial customers represent many industries, and Norsk Vannskjæring also carries out assignments for artists. Many public artworks have taken shape here since the start of waterjet cutting in 2003.

“We were really quick off the blocks with waterjet cutting in Norway. At the time it was a very innovative technology, and we chose between investing in traditional cutting equipment for steel or going for the new approach. We chose the latter, and when we bought our first waterjet-cutting machine there were only about ten of them in the whole of Norway,” says Lars Krogsund, the CEO.

One contact and a reliable stock of spare parts

Interest in Kimtech was aroused through the Norwegian machine supplier that was Kimtech’s agency, and proximity to the producer was initially crucial to Norsk Vannskjæring’s choice of designer.

“It’s also been important for us to have one and the same supplier to relate to, regardless of the issue. We turn to Kimtech with all cases related to the waterjet-cutting equipment. The fact that they have a stable stock of spare parts also gives us great security,” says Lars Krogsund.

Norsk Vannskjæring has so far acquired three machines, and the older ones have been updated when new investments have been made, so everyone is at the same ‘cutting edge’ in technical terms. Quality and short delivery times are factors that characterise the company, creating a valuable reputation that is put to the test if something happens to the cutting machines.

“A machine never breaks when we have little to do. If problems arise it is always when we have the most to do and the pressure on us is at its greatest. But Kimtech always goes out of its way for us, even at short notice. They offer excellent service and follow-up, and we’re able to resolve a lot via telephone support,” says Lars Krogsund.

On several occasions when a machine component has needed immediate replacement Norsk Vannskjæring has been pleasantly surprised by the express delivery from Sweden.

“We’ve then called Kimtech, jumped in the car and driven to Gardemoen airport – and the parts were there before we were! “You’ve got to admit that’s good service,” says the CEO Lars Krogsund.

Adaptations that optimise the surface

The ability to adapt the equipment has been very important to Norsk Vannskjæring, which operates on fairly limited surfaces.

“Our equipment from Kimtech is tailored to our needs and the space we have available. They’ve helped us with space-saving measures that have been necessary on our premises,” says Lars Krogsund.

Norsk Vannskjæring is continuously developing as regards waterjet cutting, and sees many opportunities for the future. There are more and more orders right now for further processing in the form of bending, threading and piercing.

“Waterjet cutting is the most environmentally friendly way of processing steel, being free of exhaust fumes and pollutants, so I definitely think it’s a growing business. We’ve grown incredibly over the years, and will definitely be expanding production over time, so there’s a high probability of that assignment going to Kimtech,” says Lars Krogsund.